Saturday 1 April 2017

April is Flesh Tearers Month!

With 8th edition just around the corner, I should probably knuckle down on getting an army ready for it. That is originally why I started cobbling together a Flesh Tearers army from random Space Marine kits I had lying around.

Flesh Tearers are a personal favourite of mine, though I'd be lying if I said half the appeal wasn't their very simple, very easy to paint colour scheme. There's also the fact that they're Blood Angels and thus have access to so many different Dreadnoughts. I love Dreadnoughts, they are one of my favourite things in the whole of 40k.

I'm also a fantastically biased player in that I love me my assault phase. I like red. I really like red but I don't like how Khorne armies play.

I also really, really like the background the Flesh Tearers have had for the last couple of editions. The idea that, faced with certain knowledge of their coming extinction, they have just decided that by the time they're gone the Imperium isn't going to have any enemies left. They now range ahead of Imperial armies and by the time the army arrives at their destination the enemy are dead, the local animals are dead, everything is dead and a small note is pinned to the skull of the enemy commander reading:

We won. Yours, Gabriel Seth.”

I'm not overly fond of the Black Library fiction for the army but I can pretty much just ignore it since its almost exclusively about Seth and his immediate circle.

So, the current state of the army: I have a single Tactical Squad, a Librarian, a Death Company Dreadnought and a Contemptor Dreadnought painted. I have a bunch of other models built, mainly infantry. First job, the, will be to see what I actually have and how to cobble it together into something approaching a useable 1,500 points army. Second job is to come up with some characters and a mission for them to be pursuing.

All in all, I'm rather looking forward to returning to the grim, dark future where there is only war. 

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