Thursday 13 April 2017

Sean Spicer: Idiot Anti-Semite or Holocaust Denier?

It was not my intention to imply that Hitler had never used chemical weapons, but that he never used them on fellow Germans.”

There are only two possible interpretations of this statement, both of them vile. The first is that Sean Spicer does not consider German Jews to be German, which is appalling and also Hitler's position on the matter. The second is that this is just straight up Holocaust denial from the spokesman of a President indebted to and known to employ white nationalists, which is horrific.

But wait, there's more! This all happened over Passover and Spicer later referred to the Nazi concentration camps as “Holocaust centres”.

I mean, add this to the list with the Holocaust Memorial Day statement that didn't mention the Jewish people at all; the claim that the desecration of Jewish cemetaries across the US wasn't down to white nationalists but Jewish people trying to false flag as white nationalists; and, let us not forget, Donald Jodocus Trump blowing up in a reporter's face claiming that no one is less anti-Semitic than he is instead of condemning anti-Semitic violence which is all the reporter asked him to do.

Because we have to keep a list. We just have to because eventually the sheer tonnage of things these people say is going to get so overwhelming that things are going to slip the memory and that is how governments get away with shit. They pass their slip ups off as one-offs, as mistakes. Spicer has already twice tried to clarify his statements and made them worse which is just us getting lucky that Trump doesn't have as his spokesman someone marginally competent. This is the latest blatantly anti-Semitic slip the Trump administration has made and we have to make sure that any time they or their allies try to pass these things off as unique, meaningless mistakes that we are in a position to hand them the fucking receipts. 

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