Wednesday 12 April 2017

"He's a friend from work!"

Tiny little spoilers for the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer. Tiny ones, this post is mainly me having some fun with a single line of dialogue.
Behinds the scenes footage before composite CG gets added.
If you haven't seen the trailer, please watch it, its great. There's a whole lot of good stuff in there, not least of which Cate Blanchett looking all kinds of amazing as Hela and Idris Elba rocking dreads and a chuffing huge sword as Heimdall. Of course, the part that really grabbed me (and was meant to, yes) is when Thor sees the Hulk in the gladiatorial arena and yells:

We know each other! He's a friend from work!”

I love that not only does Thor see the Hulk as a friend, he thinks of the Avengers as his workplace. Saving the world is his idea of a day job and he thinks of the other Avengers as co-workers. There's something incredibly sweet about that, about the emotional connection it speaks of. I love that in the movies there's a pretty clear link between Thor's being worthy and forming emotional connections with humans.
He's just so pleased to see his friend. Yes, they're in an arena where they're presumably meant to fight to the death but friend! The guy really is just a giant puppy with a hammer. I think, of all the founding Avengers who are stepping away after Inifnity War, Chris Hemsworth's Thor is the one I'll miss the most and its because of moments like these where he has so mich damn fun being who he is. I can hardly claim he's an angst free zone (not with his family) but I think he's definitely the least angsty of the Avengers.

And in a world where DC movies exist, this genre needs as little additional angst as possible. 

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