Wednesday 5 April 2017

Time And Relative Definitions Of Fired

The Sun, the Baron Von Munchausen of British journalism, has announced that Pearl Mackie has been fired from Doctor Who.

Okay, let's do this...
I mean, THIS is what we're dealing with, folks!

The Sun, a famously racist and homophobic hate rag, has declared that the co-lead of Capaldi and Moffat's final season will not be returning under the new production team. They use the word “fired” for sensationalism when the pretty obvious reality is that she was probably on a one year contract to start with.

I can't say I'm surprised. In fact, just yesterday I said I didn't think she'd be doing a second season. Considering past form, its likely that she has a self-contained arc that'll run through the season designed so that Chibnall (who has not made any casting decisions for his series eleven as yet) could choose to retain or drop her as he wished with the balance of probability being that he'd want to introduce his own characters to better fit his vision of the show.

There is really nothing to panic about.


I mean, for all I know Chris Chibnall is planning to start his era by revealing that the Doctor has always been a secret Nazi and his new companions are thinly veiled stand-ins for Richard Spencer and Nigel Farage. Absent that information, however, I feel no reason to panic about the idea of a one season TARDIS crew, an idea that was the norm for the first four seasons of the revival.

Also, its The Sun, given their past form we'll probably find out tomorrow that Pearl Mackie has been offered a five year contract or that she is the Thirteenth Doctor or something...

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