Sunday 9 April 2017

Hobby Goal #16: What Matters Is The (Death) Company

First off, progress on using the Mephiston Red Spray...
Its coming out pretty well, if a little lighter than I intended. I shall try two layers of Nuln Oil on the next model I paint like this.

And my provisional army list based on what I have built and painted goes a little something like this:

Chaplain with crozius arcanum and plasma pistol. 105 points (WARLORD)
Librarian with force weapon and bolt pistol, Level 2 Mastery. 90 points
Death Company Dreadnought with blood talons. 135 points
5 man Death Company Squad with bolters. 100 points
Dreadnought with assault cannon. 120 points
5 man Scout Squad with boltguns, Veteran Sergeant with bolt pistol and close combat weapon. 65 points
10 man Tactical Squad, meltagun, heavy flamer and Veteran Sergeant with power weapon. 195 points
10 man Tactical Squad, plasma gun, heavy bolter and Veteran Sergeant with power fist. 200 points
Fast Attack
Land Speeder with multi-melta. 60 points
5 man Space Marine Bike Squad with plasma gun and Veteran Sergeant with power weapon. 145 points
Heavy Support
Baal Predator with flamestorm cannon and heavy flamers. 135 points
5 man Devastator Squad, 2 lascannons, missile launcher, plasma cannon and Veteran Sergeant. 150 points

1500 points on the dot. Its mainly just things I have built or can build quickly.

I've yet to come up with a Captain conversion I like so I'm taking the two other character classes but, hell, the Flesh Tearers are undermanned so I don't feel too bad taking a Chaplain as my Warlord. The Elites are just an expression of my love for Dreadnoughts and the fact that you just have to have Death Company. Troops are a solid block of boltguns, a nice anvil for the enemy to run up against. I gleefully admit to stealing a Dark Angels tactic with the Bikes and Land Speeder tag team in my Fast Attack slots. Then there's a big block of high strength weaponry in my Devastator Squad to make up for the fact that I just can't say no to the idea of a flanethrower tank.

Right now I have both Dreadnoughts, the Librarian and one Tactical Squad painted and everything but the Predator, one Tactical Squad and Bikers built. Still, 8th edition doesn't seem to be imminent so there's plenty time.

Hobby Goal #16
Paint some Death Company

Its a simple fact that a Blood Angels army is not complete without Death Company, especially as I already have a Death Company Dreadnought built and painted. So my goal for the week is to add some black to the army, maybe even paint up the Chaplain to accompany them since they'll be using basically the same palette. 

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