Saturday 18 March 2017

The Pokemon Grand Tour Begins

Having finished the story of Pokemon Sun (I still have to face the League) I found myself thinking about how much of this series I just haven't played. I've finished all other the 3DS games, played but not completed most others and I've never played any of the Gen II or V games at all. I also got talking to a friend who, unlike me, didn't take a huge break from the series between Gen I and IV and I decided I really wanted to try the “complete journey”, as it were.

So, on a whim, I trawled the local charity shops and Amazon to plug the gaps in my collection so I could do the “Grand Tour”, as I've decided to think of it.

So, the itinerary runs FireRed, HeartGold, Alpha Sapphire (though, having completed that game, I might spring for Omega Ruby), Platinum, White Version 1 and 2, and Pokemon X. I also, rather naughtily, got a copy of the fan game Pokemon Uranium from a friend, which I'll probably slot in between the DS and 3DS games.

There's also the matter of my player character. Given that I'm playing this as a single epic journey I feel the need to have a single character throughout it all, canon conflicts be damned, my own personal Ash Ketchum.

Her name (I always pick the female option) will be Drake. Hopefully she'll develop a personality and training style over the course of her journey.

She's certainly going to develop a lot of contradictory family backstory.

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