Wednesday 1 March 2017

March is Sylvaneth Month!

Okay, so Dwarf Month was a wash. I went in with no plan and made little actual progress. This month, though, I have both a plan and an aim in mind.
"Why can't they just buy me a bloody rake?"
After a lot of consideration I've decided that the best way to ease myself back into social gaming is to kludge together an Age Of Sigmar army out of existing models. The simplicity of the system was never a selling point to me before but now it might actually serve a purpose. I love classic Fantasy and they'll tear my 8th edition rulebook from my cold dead hands but the sort of long, complex game I can enjoy with my closest friends is perhaps a bit long and involved for playing against near strangers in a store environment.

And I just can't be doing with the convoluted mess that is 40k. Not yet, anyway. Once I'm in the groove and confident the Flesh Tearers will have their day but, for the moment, I feel like a soft learning curve.

Now, I have a couple of Fantasy armies that have Battletomes (I want to avoid the “get you by” battlescrolls and their silliness) but ultimately only two AoS factions really attract me: Sylvaneth and Fyreslayers. Of course, I have no Fyreslayers models but I do have a Wood Elves army.

So, step one: what do I have available to me and what is it worth in Matched Play terms?

I have twenty Dryads (240pts and one of my compulsory Battleline units), a Treeman (a 260pts Treelord in the new money) and a plastic Branchwych (100pts) I bought but never got around to building. That's 600 points right off the bat, no purchase necessary.

Next steps are to dig out those models and work out what I need to make a 1,000 points Matched Play list. Also, to have a quick examine of the army rules and background just to give myself a grounding in what these models do and what they're meant to be in the new continuity.

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