Thursday 23 March 2017

In which Dan Floyd assures me I am not stupid

I love the Extra Credits and Extra Plays channels on Youtube and for the last little while Dan Floyd has been playing through various Sonic The Hedgehog games to get b-roll for an animation series.
He just finished up five episodes on Sonic Adventure and I have never been happier to see a man so confused.

This isn't sadism, its because I found that game to be the most obscure, unexplained and damn near impossible to work out experience of my entire gaming life. No Final Fantasy game has ever flummoxed me like this awful bastard half and half offspring of a mascot platformer and an adventure game.

It hides level entrances from you and watching Dan Floyd, with the greatest respect to the man, suffer as I did in 2003 has been enormously validating. The man is a professional, he knows his stuff and he's played a hell of a lot more games than I ever have so if he finds it obscure and poorly explained there's weight to the charge.

I swear to you this is true: Sonic Adventure DX is the only game I have ever bought a strategy guide for. Not Final Fantasy, not Pokémon... Sonic Adventure. It is one of the few “bad” Sonic games I believe deserves its reputation.

Also it introduced Big the Cat because, obviously, what the Sonic franchise needed to exploit the power of the Dreamcast was fishing mini-games. 

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