Sunday 12 March 2017

Hobby Goal: Advanced Carpentry

Well, I didn't get all the wood painted on my Sylvaneth arm but that's okay because for once I got distracted by something relevant:

(I had to over-expose the image a little because I was shooting at the last minute in less than ideal conditions).
Yes, when I was production lining the army I got fascinated by the Spite-Revenants and finished them. That's one seventh of the army actually finished, plus I have at least some paint on everything except the Treeman. I admit the paintjob is a little simpler than it could be but just for once this army isn't mean to be an all-singing, all-dancing production number. Still, I like some of the effects, especially the black-washed Stegadon Scale Green of the Spite's flesh.

On the design side, I love how the sculpters used a split in the body to create branches that twist through each other. Its an interesting use of It makes for a slightly frustrating building experience where you have to dry fit again and again to make sure everything is in exactly the right place but the effect is more than worth it.

Moving on, this week's hobby goal:

Hobby Goal #11
Work on the Dryads

I said I was swearing off the “finish X unit” goals because I never finish them but that's not what I'm doing here. Considering the size of the army and that I already have a finished unit, the rest of the goals for the month are going to be me taking a Sylvaneth unit and concentrating on it for the week. Doesn't matter if I finish them, just that I make some progress on the unit.

(Though if by some miracle I did finish the unit that would see the army more than two thirds of the way done, which would be sweet).

Completed Models (2017)
Chaos (Tzeentch): 1
Dwarfs: 5
Flesh Tearers: 6
Genestealer Cults: 5
Renegades & Heretics: 5
Sylvaneth: 5


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