Sunday 26 March 2017

Hobby Goal #13: Tall Trees, Strong Trees

Behold the mediocre progress I have achieved on my Kurnoth Hunters...
Yeah, a little layering, some inking and drybrushing. Not spectacular progress but it just hasn't been a week when I could dedicate much time to painting. Still, its something and just about the only thing I managed to do this week. This week,, for the final Hobby Goal of Sylvaneth Month, I will be addressing the last model in my army that has no paint on it at all:

Hobby Goal #13
Work on my Treeman

Same rules as the last couple of Goals: doesn't matter about finishing him, I just have to work on him. Once I have some paint on this guy I can start going back through the other models in the army and polish off their details. Fingers crossed, I might even have something approaching a presentable army by the end of April.

Not sure what theme I'll be picking for my hobby in April. I might dedicate some time to the Flesh Tearers given how taken I've been with some of the ideas being discussed for 40k 8th edition the other day. That or the Tzeentchians, we'll see.

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