Sunday 5 March 2017

Hobby Goal: Woodworking

This week I'm going to try to get the big production line stages finished on the Sylvaneth Wargrove. What I'll be aiming to finish are the largest block areas of colour common between most or all of the models in roughly this order:

1) The light interior wood, basically the joints and moving parts of the Treelord and Kurnoth Hunters using Rakarth Flesh, a Seraphim Sepia wash and an Ushabti Bone drybrush.

2) The hard exterior wood on all the models using Dryad Bark with a drybrush of the new Sylvaneth Bark dry compound where necessary. The Dryads will be based entirely like this, incidentally.

3) The remaining wood elements, such as weapon hafts and branches, in Mournfang Brown, washed Agrax Earthshade and tidied with another layer of Mournfang.

They're simple methods and all ones I've used for wood in the past so there's no trial and error here, just reliable methods I can be confident in. I might not get as far as finishing all the Mournfang wood but I feel confident I can at least get pretty far into the Dryad Bark stage. 

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