Saturday, 3 September 2016

Now I understand Nuzlocke runs

So I finished my playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. In fact, I was so keen to finish that the moment I got to the Hoenn League that I ran through to face the Elite Four without purchasing any extra healing or status restore items.

So I ended up facing the final bosses of the game with only a couple of Super Potions and Revives to my name. In fairness to me I got all the way to the regional champion with three of my Pokemon intact. What's more, husbanding my potions and status restorers I managed to get all the way to my opponent's final Pokemon...

which had a Mega Evolution that, sadly, I hadn't anything that anything that could counter, my two mega evolving Pokemon having bought it earlier to the Elite Four.

I had that Metagross down to like a millimetre of its health bar, though, before I used my last potion and got my final Pokemon (good, loyal HM slave Kemosabe the Linoone) got slammed in the fact and fainted.

But just there, just for a second, when I was one last hit away from winning after a slogging endurance run through the Elite Four, I finally understood the Nuzlocke idea.

Now I really want to do one. Its definitely something to do in a game you don't mind not finishing so I think I'll break out Pokemon X again but I really want to see how far I can get under the harsher conditions of the Nuzlocke. 

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