Wednesday 24 August 2016

Alpha Sapphire take 2

I do have a horrible habit of abandoning games. I set Pokemon Alpha Sapphire aside months ago and by the time I got back to it I couldn't remember what I was doing, where I was going or where I'd been. So a few hours wandering the Routes and stumbling into towns I'd already been to after I just deleted the save files and started again. It started off as a Nuzlocke run but since I haven't finished this game I decided that was a dumb idea (but if I finish this before Sun and Moon come out, I might do a Nuzlocke for Pokemon X).

I like the idea of a Nuzlocke run but I also like the idea of finishing this game and it strikes me as being one or the other, really.

Anyway, here I am, new Pokemon trainer Erin (yes, female character again, its sort of a thing with me) starting my journey through the Heonn region. I've beaten my first gym leader, Roxanne of Rustboro and her Rock-type gym. I've also received the gloriously broken Generation VI version of the EXP Share, which makes life so much easier. If they nerf that thing in Sun and Moon I am basically doomed.

Anyway, the new team at this time stands as follows:
Ace the Marshtomp (Water-Ground)
(yes, I power level early)
Dusty the Dustox (Bug-Flying)
Toby the Shroomish (Grass)
Snowy the Poochyena (Dark)
Kemosabe the Zigzagoon (Normal)
Redfeather the Taillow (Normal-Flying)

I've got pretty good type-coverage so far. Not a perfect team by any means but there are plenty more routes and plenty more gyms to go before the Heonn League. Kemosabe look set for a future of HM-slavery and unless Redfather gains some decent attacks soon he's PC-bound what with his typing being completely redundant.

And I don't like the Shroomish's design. Most Grass-types I love but as soon as something better comes along he's gone. Not even a better Grass-type, I've beaten the Rock gym and that's the main reason to have a Grass-type. Who knows what I'll find on the Routes of Hoenn? Not even me, since I seem to have completely forgotten everything about this game. Having gotten my arse kicked by a couple of Grass-types, however, I am painfully aware that I need a Fire-type on the strength.

Just makes things more interesting, frankly.

(images from Bulbapedia, the resource that allows me not to get killed fifty millions times when I enter gym battles). 

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