Sunday 4 September 2016

Dwarfs, one last time

I think I'm going to give Dwarfs one last try. See, as I've mentioned before, Dwarfs are an army I have a lot of trouble with. There is so much that I love about them: their look, their character, their background, right down to individual units like Ironbreakers and Slayers who are concepts I absolutely adore. Still, playing them has always left me a little cold and finding a way into this army that works with my own preferences has always eluded me.

The thing is, now I have Slayers (or Dwarf Berserkers, as Avatars Of War calls them) and that set me thinking, You see, the last time I tried collecting Dwarfs was before their eighth edition book came out and just because of what was available in plastic at the time I ended up with a very ranged build of army that simply wasn't me.

Close combat is my thing and batteries of cannon and handguns didn't suit me. Since then, though, Hammerers and Ironbreakers and Longbeards have come out in plastic not to mention the very good Slayer substitutes from AoW. Plus there's the plastic Gyrocopter to lend a little extra speed and manoeuvrability to the army.

Maybe, maybe, maybe I can make this work now. There's a new level of variety to the army now whilst before the limited plastic range made for a very samey experience.

So, Dwarfs, one last time. 

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