Friday 9 September 2016

Dwarfs: Starting Small

As the Avatars of War Berkserkers are proving a little challenging to build (hard plastic is a bastard to work) I picked up something quick and simple to get this project off the ground: the Dwarf Organ Gun.
If nothing else, the models gives me a safe place (i.e. models that are going to sit at the back of my battle line far from the opponent) to practice a few things such as ruddy skin, hair colour for the beards and the metal palette that'll be getting a lot of use across the army. It also has the benefit of being a small number of models so I can dash this off quickly and move on to something else. Artillery might not be my favourite thing in the world to work on but it means getting that all important first unit done nice and quick, getting some momentum into the project at the beginning.
And it is just a nice model on top of all of that. I love all the character that has been put on the crewmen from the clipboard to the gunpowder barrel.

On the build front, this wasn't that hard. The little dragonhead things that form the firing mechanism are a little hard to fix in place but aside from that the construction is pretty straightforward. You do have to pay attention to the instructions for the crew, however, as at least one of the heads doesn't fit on at least one of the bodies. Aside from that, no issues to speak of.

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