Tuesday 6 September 2016

My dumb nicknames from Pokemon X before I delete them

It turns out the 3DS (or the Pokemon X cartridge, I'm not sure which) can only hold one lot of save data. This means I have to delete all the progress from my first run and with it all the little critters I captured and gave silly nicknames to.

Still, before I consign them all the digital oblivion, I spent ages coming up with those dumb nicknames and it is Tuesday so I have no better idea for a post than to display to the world just how stupid, dumb and twistedly referential my sense of humour can be.

So, here it is, an exhaustive list of stupid names I have my Pokemon. See how many of the jokes you can get!

The All-Conquering Team
Gumdrop the Greninja
Redbird the Talonflame
Dorfl the Golurk
Cuddles the Pangoro
Rosebud the Venusaur
Yggdrasil the Xerneas

Languishing in the PC
Curly the Pansear
Potplant the Pansage
Rosewater the Panpour
Stinky the Caterpie
Well'Ard the Kakuna
One Punch the Bunnelby
Dusty the Scatterbug
Dangles the Burmy
Pinky the Skitty
Dandelion the Flabebe
Posey the Budew
Sweetie the Combee
Dotty the Ledyba
Feels the Ralts
Kinniekins the Fennekin
Wuffles the Furfrou
Tagteam the Doduo
Honey the Beedril
AC the Plusle
Gutsy the Gulpin
'Eadbutter the Skiddo
Sunstone the Espurr
Swede the Oddish
Oathkeeper the Honedge
Duvet the Snorlax
Murdoch the Nincada
DibDibDib the Sentret
Louie the Kecleon
Shifty the Croagunk
Sugar the Swirlix
Brushstrokes the Smeargle
Luna the Volbeat
Daenarys the Axew
Thornbrow the Roselia
Brucie the Zubat
Floaty the Drifloon
Shaolin the Mienfoo
Discoball the Inkay
Emo the Cubone
Sandy the Sandile
Churchill the Snubbull
WonkyTonk the Linoone
Baskerville the Houndour
Swoop the Emolga
Mysterio the Hawlucha
Wellington the Nosepass
Darwin the Eevee
Hiero the Sigilyph
Big Ben the Chingling
SteeleyeSpan the Roggenrola
Diamondback the Carbink
Snuffles the Woobat
Spanky the Tauros
Ditzy the Slowpoke
Nessie the Lapras
Philip the Mareep
Jackanapes the Lucario
Chipper the Pachirisu
Gobby the Trapinch
Menage the Dugtrio
Hammerhead the Gible
Flatbread the Stunfisk
Pinata the Carnivine
Pokey the Skorupi
Gobby the Weepinbell
(yes, I used that one twice)
Flubby the Quagsire
Weatherwax the Murkrow
Teonanacatl the Foongus
Kasparov the Pawniard
Lily the Lombre
Giggles the Mightyena
Boggle the Watchog
Cluster the Magneton
Aircon the Beartic
Peekaboo the Haunter
Racefail the Jynx
Swirlywirly the Poliwhirl
Frobisher the Delibird
Mervyn the Abomasnow
Selina the Sneasel
Evergreen the Snover
Homeopathy the Tentacool
Tempest the Mantyke
Semiskimmed the Miltank
Eggbound the Exeggcute
Chekhov the Pinsir
Mucus the Solosis
Pepe the Stunky
Popehat the Staravia
Pinky the Nidorino
(yes, another double dip)
Bluey the Nidorina
Smiler the Heatmor
Sumo the Hariyama
Greasepaint the Mr. Mime
Pamela the Floatzel
Sizzles the Raichu
Antimony the Durant
Irn Bru the Gurdurr
Oracle the Noibat
Headbanger the Lairon
Molder the Shuckle
Quill the Sandslash
Pinchy the Karrablast
Yeats the Sliggoo
Comb Morion the Shelmet
Miho the Gothorita
Adele the Jigglypuff
Roosevelt the Ursaring
Pillowcase the Altaria
Slashfic the Scyther

It was a fun run. Let's see how well I do in “hard mode”... and how many other horrible references I can give to my next team. 

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