Wednesday 6 December 2017

I hope the Easy Build kits take off

Long story short: I want cheap stuff. I'm looking at last weekend's White Dwarf and seeing the Myphitic Blight-Hauler (aka the smol tank shaped like a friend) Easy Build kit is going to be £15. I don't know how long its been since I saw a GW kit released at a price point that low. Spirit Hosts, I think, would be the most recent example of something coming in almost that low.

I've wanted a Blight-Hauler since the first leaked image of them hit. Since the Death Guard codex came out I've wanted three because in the army list you can take them in squadrons but the sensible, financially responsible part of my brain confidently predicted that a multi-part plastic vehicle kit of size was probably going to come in at around £30 to £35.

The solicit promises that this Easy Build kit has thirteen push-fit components and it looks great. It doesn't look like a kit that's been simplified and the same goes for the Primaris Marine Easy Builds which actually have full multi-part plastic equivalents. The Primaris Aggressors, who are £10 cheaper than their multi-part equivalent, look indistinguishable. True, you don't have as many options for them (you can only give them the flamer gauntlet load out) but that's an acceptable price to pay for not having such a high price to pay. The Easy Build Redemptor Dreadnought, similarly, comes only with the gatling cannon but also at a £15 mark down.

I would like to see more kits like this, especially since GW are clearly able to make them look as good as the more expensive versions. I can accept not having the full breadth of weapons options.

Plus, the whole posing thing has always struck me as a bit of a false selling point. How many different poses are there for a Tactical Marine, anyway? Holding bolter up, holding bolter down and holding bolter at a perfect horizontal are all that spring to mind. For anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating those were the exact poses used in the Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad and those models looked amazing.

It would also be a great option for horde armies. Imperial Guard, for instance. You need dozens and dozens of guys in a Guard army and right now the multi-part Cadian and Catachan basic infantry are £18 for ten guys and those squads don't even come with heavy weapons.

Now, if you could just create blonked out snap fits £10 for ten...

One can hope. Hell, I'll hope all the way and wish for Steel Legion. 

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