Saturday 16 December 2017

Revisiting the Jacket Scene before The Last Jedi

I'm not seeing The Last Jedi until Wednesday so the other night my housemate and I popped the Force Awakens DVD on for background noise.

Now, I still rather like The Force Awakens. I acknowledge that most of the standard criticisms hold water and that Rogue One was a much better movie that did far more interesting things with the property. Still, I really enjoyed TFA when I first watched it and I really enjoyed rewatching it.

And the Jacket Scene is so much gayer than I remember.

I mean, I thought it was gay when I first watched it but it was so much more obvious watching it again. I thought that the internet had just giffed and captioned that scene to death and made us all think it was gayer than it was but no, it is so very gay. The hugging, the short argument about who keeps the jacket, the little lip bite when Poe says it looks good on Finn.

Now, I doubt we'll ever see anything actually happen with these two. Disney does not do gay on film, not with its major franchises, because China. They're pretty good for it on television (at least in things that make it over here) but I don't think that's going to stop Isaacs and Boyega, two men who are young enough to know they're complicit in an entire internet fan fiction culture with this behaviour.

Its rather charming, actually. 

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