Wednesday 13 December 2017

Why I don't believe God hates gay people

San Francisco is still there.

You get these “Christian” evangelical types banging on about how various illnesses, natural disasters, voting trends and the like are evidence that God is punishing the Western world for our tolerance of LGBTQ+ communities. The thing is, though, that you probably won't find a city more vital to the history of LGBTQ+ people in the modern, Western world than San Francisco.

San Francisco is on a fault line. There is a very real risk that at any moment the city will be hit by “The Big One” which will not so much level as sink the entire city and a large portion of the rest of California with it.

Yet it is still there. The city of Harvey Milk and Armistad Maupin.

That's either one hell of an oversight or He's fine with us, is what I'm saying. 

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