Monday 4 December 2017

Dark Souls II Take 2 (twice)

I have a plan. A few months ago I tried to play Dark Souls II and after getting my head kicked in repeatedly by monsters in the earliest areas (not to mention repeatedly rolling into the sea or leaping enthusiastically down chasms of my own volition) I have up.

I have, however, been taking some advice before restarting.

The advice for “easy mode” comes in two flavours. The first is to take the Knight class because they can tank damage well and have pretty good offensive abilities from the start. The other flavour of advice is to take the Pyromancer class which starts with a pretty good ranged magic attack and has at least some combat chops.

Having discovered that the game accommodates multiple saves I intend to do both and walk off in separate directions: Erza the Knight is going to start the game by leaving Majula via Hiede's Tower of Flame and Sabifa the Pyromancer will be leaving via the other end of the town for the Forest of Fallen Giants (which has far more flammable opponents, as I recall).

We'll see who gets further.

I have also, since my last attempt, acquired shoulders of giants to stand on thanks to Dan Floydd of Extra Credits' Side Quest series and, to a lesser extent, Yahtzee Croshaw and his good friend/victim Gabriel Morton's old Let's Drown Out series.

Now I just have to create these characters and, as the saying goes, prepare to die (again). 

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