Saturday 28 October 2017

Two reasons to watch the Fullmetal Alchemist movie

For a start, I really want to know why there's a cat inside Alphonse. Now, I admit I know the series mostly by reputation (I've only seen about five episodes of the original and none of the supposedly superior Brotherhood) so there may be some context here but just for my part that is an arrestingly bizarre and fascinating visual.

Also, there's just the sheer twisted joy that we're finally getting a live action anime adaptation with Japanese actors and its a story set in a fantasy version of Germany (I think) in the industrial revolution. Anime adaptation set in Japan about Japanese characters? Scarlet Johannson. Anime adaptation set in 1900s Europe? All the Japanese actors ever.

No, but seriously though, this is actually a trend in Hollywood I find utterly baffling. Japan has a longstanding hunger for US media and the Chinese market is increasingly all-important for the major studios and yet somehow capitalism hasn't cracked that employing more Asian actors in Asian roles might be a good selling point?


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