Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Titans TV show cops out

Have I mentioned I'm looking forward to this Titans TV show? Well, I am. I've always been more fond of that team (and its many other forms like Young Justice) than the Justice League itself. Now, the fact that its being made for a DC-branded streaming service is concerning as I think that whole deal is going to go the way of MMOs that aren't Warcraft sooner or later but that's a different post I'll probably never get around to writing because it would be incredibly boring and pessimistic.

Still, some interesting casting information was released the other day with the announcement that a woman called Lindsey Gort will be playing Police Detective Amy Rohrbach.

In the comics (to be precise, Chuck Dixon's Nightwing run) she was Dick's partner on the Bludhaven PD. Now, the way these things go she might not be that exact character, just look at Felicity Smoak in Arrow. However, I'd like to think they're going to do something with Dick's police career which was one of the eras of the character I most liked. It was an interesting dynamic for the character even if I did wonder why no one on the force seemed to have any questions about the richest man in America's oldest son hanging out in the worst police department in the country.

Well, we'll see. 

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