Monday 9 October 2017

The return of Conner Kent?

Word out of NYCC (what word has managed to escape over the sound of Marvel failing so badly at everything) included a little snippet of James Tynion IV saying that the questions surrounding Conner Kent in the rebirth continuity would be answered in Detective Comics #966.

That's this week.

Okay, so I'm invested in this because Young Justice was a big part of how I became a comics fan. That particular generation of the sidekicks are contain some of my favourite characters in some of my favourite comics. The fact that everyone from that group got completely jobbed in the New 52 is something of a lingering wound and if we're getting a return for anything approaching the proper version of Conner, I am all in.

I mean, with only one issue of A Lonely Place of Living out we've already for Tim's original origin restored and the Tim!Batman from Geoff Johns' Teen Titans has made an appearance as well.

Now, is it likely that the “proper” version of Conner is coming back.

Well, for one thing I don't imagine anyone's terribly attached to the New 52 version and, on a more pragmatic side, Conner is going to be in the third season of Young Justice when it returns so there's a marketing angle. Also, if they have big plans for Tim spinning out of this (and I hope those rumours that he'll be leading the Outsiders are true) then bringing Conner back to be the perfect foil he always was to Tim would be a good move.

After that its just a matter of bringing Bart back from wherever in the timestream he's been hanging out since Flashpoint and then just a little selective amnesia so that Cassie isn't a horrible bad girl parody anymore.

A guy can dream. 

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