Tuesday 3 October 2017

Again (Vegas)

Pulse was 16 months ago and it was the worst mass shooting ever, worse than Port Arthur (the Australian mass shooting that led to their current gun control laws). Now this Vegas shooting has been even worse. Last I read 58 people were dead and close to 500 wounded. The guy rented a hotel room, had a stock of ten military grade assault rifles and just opened fire from the window.

He had ten military grade assault weapons. Ten.

Nothing will change because of this. I don't know who originally said it but its been said that Sandy Hook ended the US gun debate. Once it turned out that the Second Amendment could survive the deaths of tiny children in one of the richest states in the union it was over.

Obviously, I'm biased here. I'm English, we had one school shooting massacre and the government was forced by public pressure to pass new gun control laws that greatly restricted (not banned, it must be pointed out) private gun ownership in this country. That one was enough for us.

It wasn't enough for the US government. Nothing ever will be. 

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