Thursday 12 March 2015

The old pound coin and epoxy trick

I was having a very bad day yesterday: my laptop destroyed itself in a way that almost prevented me recovering my files; my kitchen cabinets are absolutely infested with black mold; and people keep trying to spoiler the end of The End Times: Archaon for me for some reason.

Then as I walked to the pub to meet a friend I noticed someone had played the old pound coin and epoxy trick.

If you've never heard of it the trick works like this: you take a pound coin and some epoxy resin (or any other extra strength adhesive) into the street at a quiet time of day. You glue the coin to the ground and by the time the epoxy sets its pretty much impossible to remove without heavy duty solvents.

Then you just leave it, maybe you watch or maybe you just leave and let nature take its course.

I saw some right pathetic displays as people tried to kick, pick and stamp the coin off the pavement. I poked it with my foot once and realised what was going on, look around slyly for a camera and moved on but one guy was there ten minutes trying to kick the thing into submission. He was even swearing at it. It was hilarious.

I know its cruel but it cheered me up enormously. 


SallyP said...

Sometimes a little bit of shadenfreude is a good thing. Sorry about your computer!

James Ashelford said...

Not to worry, I got the files off in the end, though it managed to switch on its text-to-speech function whilst typing nonsense to itself which was terrifying.