Monday 16 March 2015

Belly laughs courtesy text messaging and tumblr

I wanted to write something more substantial for Monday, in particular essay on the Missing Adventures novel The Sorcerer's Apprentice, but I'm too angry about The End Times: Archaon to write anything coherent.

So instead I just want to plug some tumblrs that have been giving me enormous amusement the past couple of weeks. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud when I'm alone but at times these things had me in tears. Each one takes quotes from the website Texts From Last Night and puts them on screencaps from some of my favourite series.

There's Texts From The Old TARDIS (Classic Doctor Who); Texts From TheSatellite Of Love (Mystery Science Theatre 3000); Texts From BakerStreet (Sherlock); and let's throw in Fuck Yeah Doctor Who Macros for good measure.

Seriously, these texts are hilarious on their own and even funnier if you imagine these familiar characters saying them. 

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