Sunday 22 March 2015

Female Imperial Guard test mini (grey)

(Crappy photos are crappy, I know, but this is just the build and hopefully you get enough of an idea of how it looks. Must get me one of these magical daylight bulbs people talk about because, good grief, do I not get good light in this place during any time of day I'm actually around.)
So the Heroic Scale Female Heads from Statuesque Miniatures turned up a couple of days ago and I quickly cobbled together a test mini using some spare Cadian parts.
The good: the head is very much in scale and the legs don't seem out of proportion as I feared because the big pockets on the side account for a measure of the bulk. I might have to rethink the Victoria Lamb order I was going to make for kilted legs if basic Cadian parts work this well.
The bad: the connector at the base of the neck is flat. The ironsighting pose you see here is because that's the only way the head attaches to the torso. I'm going to need to buy some modelling putty and build up the necks of the models to make pretty much any other pose. Not a huge problem but annoyingly time-consuming. I looked at the conversions I'd seen on line and, yes, green stuff necks.

Ah, well.

Still, the overall effect works and even my incredibly messy putty sculpting should be up to making necks (or at least not be to

o noticeable at a distance).

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