Sunday 15 March 2015

The heads are in the mail (not a mafia thing)

Statuesque Miniatures have finally restocked their Heroic Scale Female Heads conversion kits. Not only that but they've also got a second set of female heads out with berets. Since I anticipate they'll sell out again quite quickly I ordered four sets (one with berets, three without). That's forty heads, that's as many as forty cakes...
and that's awesome. Now I just have to figure out what to with them.

Mainly I want to use them for Guard: bare heads for troopers and berets for officers, command sections and storm troopers, I think. Still debating whether to do a mixed gender regiment (in which case I will need to find a lot of bare male heads) or an all-female regiment since these conversion sets are dirt cheap (£4.75 for ten heads and a small discount for purchasing multiple sets).

I might make some female Battle Wizards and certainly the Inquisitorial Warband could use some ladies on hand: fallen Inquisitor Gemini Rooper; Adepta Biologis Jessika Tremayne, Tank Commander/getaway driver Captain Koleen-Callum and Storm Trooper Sergeant Juliana Kelt being long-standing members in my background who have never made it to the table.

I am very much looking forward to these things turning up. 

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