Monday 2 March 2015

The junk drawer that is my hard drive

I have a terrible tendency to see something on the internet and then just save it to my hard drive, intending to do something with it later. I'll see something and think “That'll make a good blog post down the line” and, of course, I never get to it because my magpie mind finds something shinier to look at. This is the reason all of the following exist in various corners of my Documents folder. Some of them I remember downloading, some of them I even remember why but most of them are simply a mystery to me obscured by the mists of time:
A folder marked “Tim Drake's Sex Life Considered As A Thought Experiment” containing scanned panels from old Robin comics, mainly images of Tim and Steph but also numerous other love interests from the days when Tim was the playa of the Bat-family.
The frontispiece of the Malleus Malificarum.

A tutorial on how to draw breasts using Avatar Korra as its practical example.

A folder filled with images of Space Sharks Space Marines. I don't remember ever planning a Space Sharks army, the Polynesian tattoo details would drive me insane.

Endless tutorials on how to paint white, my old nemesis.

A bewilderingly large series of nature photographs, all of the featuring otters.
This image of the Dirty Pair that comes up on Google Image Search every time I go looking for Inquisitorial henchman conversions.

A half-finished essay about the sexual politics of radio comedy Acropolis Now.

The text of the speech Ellen Page made when she came out.

Several versions of an Achievement Hunter drinking game and, on the same subject, the Gavin Free Insult Generator (look that up, by the way, its brilliant and absolutely how Englishmen insult one another).

The recipe for bacon flavour ice cream.

The world map from Final Fantasy I. I don't own a copy of Final Fantasy I.
A photo of Wallace Greenslade.
This Superman panel of Lucy Lane being punched by a kangaroo entitled “I should not find this as funny as I do”.

A gif of Numfar doing the Dance Of Joy. It does not work.
A comicbook cover for a Western series called Straight Arrow.
The best prohibitions sign ever made. That is one seriously suave dog.

A series of Doctor Who screencaps with 50 Shades Of Grey quotes superimposed on them, which are some of the most disturbing things I've ever seen though I will admit the “fifty shades of fucked up” quote does suit the Seventh Doctor and Ace's relationship.

A surprising number of screencaps from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, almost all of Doctor Clayton Forrester.

A version of the DC New 52 Multiverse map whose resolution renders it completely unreadable and therefore useless.

A whole bunch of free Kindle books that I will likely never read.

A folder called “Useful Information” that contains nothing more than a brief note about what the different hemispheres of the brain do and a walkthrough for Medievil: Resurrection. 

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