Wednesday 25 March 2015

I don't usually comment on GW leaks, but...

the fact the Skitarii Vanguard seem to be wearing Sabbat helms feels like salt in the wound. I mean, we're getting Skitarii, we're getting a unified Khorne Codex, we've already had Eldar Harlequins and Knight-class Titans (and I will call them “Knight-class Titans” until the day I die, damn it!) so the continued absence of Sisters of Battle really rankles.

Sisters. They're a cool idea. Nuns with guns. All I'm sayin'.

Still, I am very, very interested to see what GW does with Mechanicus as a faction in their own right. I don't for a second believe the Codex will include Forge World units. True, the odd Forge World Imperial Guard tank has made it in but I don't buy into them doing something as extensive as slotting the whole “Mechanicum” range into a new Codex. Could be wrong but I don't think Forge World's production and distribution are up to the task.

We'll see. 

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