Thursday 1 January 2015


I don't know why but 2015 feels to me like a year for getting around to things long delayed. Maybe its because I associate the date with Back to the Future Part II, maybe its because I spent most of last year either panicking about my precarious housing situation or in mourning for the women who practically raised me but this year I feel like getting things done.

I know this isn't something that can be controlled but I want to work through my writers' block. I feel like the act of writing, of creating in general, is the best outlet I have. It hasn't been a happy year and I need to pour that into something. I want to do more on this blog, experiment with format and content, maybe post some short fiction.

On a related note I want to re-learn how to draw. The skills have atrophied over the years but I used to be pretty good at sketch art. I might even get some use out of that DeviantArt account that so far exists only to allow me to switch off the adult content filter and read Sunstone.

I actually started this as a comic blog, incidentally, so committing to weekly comic reviews might not be a bad idea.

I want to learn to cook, which is about as traditional as these not-resolutions get (I feel “resolution” as a word is so bound up in failure I don't want to use it) as a concession to a general improvement in my physical health. As for my mental health...

I've been a bit of a shut-in the last few months, which I needed, don't get me wrong. Thing is that can become habit too quickly so I intend to accept any invitation I can: social events, day trips, even just trying to make time to go to the pub with friends when its offered.

Also on that note I've committed to two Warhammer campaigns: a 40k campaign run by my friend Dave starting February and a Fantasy campaign run by Matt starting (probably) March by which time we hope The End Times will be over and we'll have a solid setting to write background in. This brings us to me getting some projects up and running I've been meaning to get to for a while:

On the Fantasy side I'll be doing my long-delayed High Elves/Tomb Kings alliance (trust me, I have an idea for how this will work but we'll get there when I have some models finished). Meanwhile, for 40k I'm planning a quick and dirty Ork army to re-learn the system, which I haven't played since 5th edition, followed by a more considered resurrection of my Lost And The Damned based on the Imperial Armour 13 Renegades & Heretics list. These are all armies I've wanted to do for years and even have a lot of the models for thanks to my whole family deciding to give me GW stuff for Christmas.

If I have some spare time left over I might even do some Flesh Tearers, not an army I have immediate use for (too many Imperial players in this campaign already) but one I have wanted since virtually the day I got into Warhammer. 

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