Thursday 15 January 2015

Space Orks Cast

One of Dave's big ideas for this campaign is that each player gets a pool of six character class units and if they die in game they're out of the fight for a game or two as they recover/get patched up with cybernetics/roil about in the Warp sulking. We have to submit the characters ahead of time and so here are mine:

Kaptin Thunderguts Snarla
(Warboss represented using the Kaptin Badrukk model)

My ultimate Warboss, the Kaptin of the ramshackle flotilla these Freebooterz maraud around the universe in. For those as nerdy as me about classic comedy: yes, that is a Navy Lark reference and it will not be the last. He's a pirate captain and an Ork so he's surly, loud and prone to violently punching minions.

Mistah Krumpins
(Black Reach Warboss)

Thunderguts' first mate and the character I intend to use as my Warlord more often than not. Thunderguts is, I admit, my fallback Warboss because I prefer the Black Reach model but I admit Badrukk looks 1000% more piratical. Being the man on the ground he'll be less “naval” than Thunderguts, more akin to a commander of marines than a ship's officer.

Owzat Gubbinz
(plastic Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun)

THE MAIN CHARACTER. Yes, my main character is not my Warlord. He's a wandering Bik Mek who's joined up with the flotilla so he can loot battlegrounds and try out his new inventions on soft, squishy humans. He's well-in with Thunderguts so he's the flotilla's chief engineering officer.

Krakka Mugs
(Big Mek in mega armour)

Every army needs an internal rivalry, I feel and Krakka is Owzat's rival for the post of chief engineering officer. He's been with the flotilla longer and his creations are more stable but they don't produce such satisfyingly destructive results and so Thunderguts likes Owzat better. Much skullduggery ensues.

Mistah Chub
(plastic clampack Mek)

Krakka's witless minion (yes, they are basically Pertwee and Johnson from The Navy Lark, I told you that wasn't over). He'll be represented most days as a completely un-upgraded Mek there to keep my Zzap Guns firing. An idiot even by Ork standards.

Da Padre
(Finecast Weirdboy)

I'm not as up on 40k Ork background as I am on Fantasy Orc background so I'm not sure if Weirdboyz are at all spiritual figures like Shamans. Still, it'll be funny and allows me one more Navy Lark gag.


Now I just need to build this army within the next fortnight. 

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