Sunday 25 January 2015

The Comics Ramble wouldn't lie to you

Prompt delivery this week and thus some ramblings.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

Let's be honest: I like this issue in equals parts for being well-written, dripping with character, filled with poetic turns of phrase and because we might finally be on the verge of seeing the end of those bloody “I am the crime that cannot be forgiven!” bits. Anyway, the whole things picks up from Axis with Loki apologising to Verity for being such a dick under the influence of heroism, Thor: The God Of Not Much These Days comes round for a heart to heart and then the truth spins out of control at a fantastic rate.

Ewing's latest idea is that somehow during Axis, and even Loki isn't sure how, Loki lost the ability to lie. He can't even tell a joke and he can't remain silent when asked a question so when Thor asks him what happened to the young, innocent boy he used to be it all comes out. It all hits the fan there with a nice mid-book use of the recap page which in itself was beautifully written. This has very much of a season finale feel to it and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

All-New X-Factor #20

Not sure if commitment or hubris...

Okay, so Peter David says on the recap page this is the final issue but he hopes there'll be more in the future and he even positions this issue as a pitch to make readers demand more and I'm not sure how I feel about that. David makes some links between this series and the rise of Alchemax in Spider-Man 2099 which isn't a series I'm following so I don't much care about tying up that storyline. On the other hand there are some very nice talky bits between various members of the team on their plane which set up new dynamics I want to see play out but probably never will.

It isn't that this is a weak issue just that it might have been better repositioned to foreground Warlock's meditations on the soul rather than the tease for stories that may never come.

Batman Eternal #42

Now we're finally getting to it and by “it” I mean the plot points from the teaser issue of Batman last February. This is a big issue for Harper and Steph, the two characters I'm frankly reading this series for, which is a definite plus. Harper in particular gets a great speech owning her decision to enter the life of a costumed vigilante when it could very well have been positioned as an act of grim necessity. She also tells Tim he's being a prick which, much as I love the boy, he needs telling sometimes.

Powers #1

I've never read an issue of Powers and all I knew were the basics: a procedural crime series about police who deal with superpowers, written by Brian Michael Bendis and that was all I had to go on. From this issue I'm getting that there's a lot of backstory I don't know but Bendis is being good enough to fill the reader in as he goes with just enough to be comprehensible but not so much as to be indigestible.

Anyway, a bunch of the city's wealthiest and most influential citizens are murdered on a yacht and Detective Deena Pilgrim is sent in complete with snarky partner and crazy pants medical examiner who views the wholesale slaughter with almost mad scientist levels of glee. I like her, I want to see more of her. Talking of seeing more of women this is one of those “mature content” comics so there's lots of swearing and a two-page spread of a strip club complete with breasts flopping about everywhere which I suppose is at least better than how breasts are usually portrayed in comics. These ones actually seem to be influenced by gravity.

Wolverines #3

This one took a hard right at the corner of Fifth and Bananas as only two issues in we have an issue not featuring any of the Weapon X survivors or the “Wolverines”. Instead we have Fantomelle (who I think is the female Fantomex clone Psylocke was sleeping with a while back but I'm not sure, I don't think she was black) running a business where she steals bits of superhero memorabilia for an underground auctioneer. In this case she's trying to pinch the Punisher's skull shirt and that turns out about how you'd expect: there's a massive number of bullets.

Still not too sure about this series as a weekly proposition but this issue certainly shows more promise than the first two did. 

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