Wednesday 14 January 2015

Facing the Green Tide (1,000 points Space Orks army list)

Now we get to the part of the project where I usually screw up completely: the concrete plan. This is usually when things go wrong but since I have most of these models alerady it shouldn't be too hard to paint them up. Plus, they're Orks, no well will mind if the paintjob isn't up to standard, it'll just look authentic.

Warboss wearing 'eavy armour and armed with twin-linked shoota and power claw. 92pts
Big Mek wearing 'eavy armour and armed with Shokk Attack Gun. 89pts
5 Meganobz including Boss Nob armed with twin-linked shootas and power klaws including rokkit launcha and scorcha. 210 pts
20 Boyz armed with sluggas and choppas, big shoota and rokkit launcha, Boss Nob armed with Big Choppa. 140 pts
20 Gretchin armed with Grot blastas and 2 Runtherds armed with Grabba Sticks. 75 pts
Fast Attack
3 Deffkoptas armed with twin-linked rokkit launchas. 90pts
Heavy Support
5 Flash Gitz including Kaptin armed with Snazzguns, bosspoles, stikkbombs and gitfindas. 110pts
3 Killa Kans armed with kan klaws and rokkit launcha, grotzooka and scorcha, extra armour on all Kans. 195pts

1,001 points

Yes, I'm a point over, my group doesn't really care about a couple of points here and there.

It is, I freely admit, a little light boots-on-the-ground-wise, which is a bad thing for an Ork army to be. The 1,500 points list will have at least another twenty man squad of Boyz and some other infantry but this is based purely on what I can do quickly with the minimum number of purchases and effort. Also on what looks pretty because that's the best way to keep your own interest up, I've found: I love the Shokk Attack Gun and the Flash Gitz. 

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