Friday, 2 February 2018


Its been nearly a week now since the Rumble so I feel we can have a chat about this one: was having Ronda Rousey turn up after the Women's Royal Rumble a good idea?

I get why it was done. On paper, having the undefeated Asuka win the Women's Rumble is predictable and the WWE wanted something in their back pocket so they'd go out on a surprise. That is actually sensible. On paper. In practice having Asuka win was a fantastic moment in and of itself that capped off a fantastic match.

It was a moment that deserved to stand on its own especially as Ronda's debut cut Asuka off from challenging one of the two Women's champions (a moment that the male winner got and, my goodness, am I looking forward to Nakamura/Styles at Wrestlemania!). It felt like Asuka's moment was stepped on and she deserved that moment to herself, especially as Rousey did so little: she glared at a bunch of people, shook Stephanie McMahon's hand and then did some sign pointing which is, of course, a venerable Royal Rumble tradition.

Also, having mentioned Stephanie...

The WWE Women's Division needs one of two things to happen: either to debut a second female authority figure who is a face or for Stephanie to turn face herself because as it stands Stephanie is a heel who cannot ever get her comeuppance because whenever she's around women she's the patron saint of women's wrestling and (correctly) WWE does not do man-on-woman violence. Frankly, either Lita or Trish Stratus needs to come in as Women's Commissioner or some such similar title so we don't constantly have Stephanie flip-flopping between face and heel. Don't get me wrong: she worked to puch the division and she deserved her lap of honour for that but now some consistency needs to be imposed.

Anyway, that's me done on some random thoughts I've had in my head since Sunday. 

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