Thursday 24 August 2017

Trump: a case of too many perfect metaphors

He stared directly at the eclipse as his staff yelled at him not to. That should be enough, that should be more than enough to be getting on with, that's the perfect metaphor.

But this is Trump we're talking about so, of course, this came after the revelation that he'd managed to bankrupt the Secret Service with his golf trips. Yes, he actually managed to exceed the annual budget of his own bodyguards including overtime through charging them obscene rent in Trump Tower, charging them to rent golf carts at Mar-A-Lago (a bill one source placed at around sixty thousand dollars) and just generally being a massive prick who feels an egotistical need to hold campaign rallies three and a half years before the next general election and having a golfing trip every weekend.

Just when you thought nothing could top “he bankrupted a casino once” he goes and bankrupts the arm of the military specifically and solely charged with defending his life.

Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of Donald Trump having as little protection as possible, I have a vested interest in the survival of the human race, but that is an achievement. At this rate it might even go down in history as the only achievement of his administration.

We can only hope...

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