Wednesday 23 August 2017

A bitter observation about the Xena's reboot's cancellation

It has been announced that the Xena reboot is no longer happening. Of course, one of the big selling points of this new series was that the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle which was subtext (albiet it really, really heavy subtext) would be elevated to text and be one of the main things the producers wanted to explore. And, you know what? That rather sold me on the idea.

For my money a reboot needs to have something to say that the original didn't. Xena has aged really, really well (by which I mean the show, though Lucy Lawless absolutely has as well) and there's not much about it that could stand to be improved aside from the fact that there's an amazing and loving relationship at its core that could only be knowing winks and plausibly deniable subtext at the time (“Is that a hickey?” Joxer asks to blushes from both women).

So why did this show get axed?

Allow me to be bitter for a moment. You see, given the state of LGBTQ+ and specifically lesbian/wlw representation on US television I think that this show got greenlit because TV executives were told about how many times lesbians died on the original show. We got to this point with the executives thinking that was the whole truth and they'd get some lovely, lovely controversy out of the series by continuously killing lesbians.

Then someone, some idiot, let slip to the higher-ups that all those lesbians who died were the same two women and that they kept coming back to life!

And that's when the executives lost interest, the bastards. 

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