Thursday 3 August 2017

A pointless hope for Great Coat Guardsmen

A few days ago, the following image was posted by Games Workshop as one of their Rumour Engine posts:
It shows, as you can see, a las weapon. Obviously, its hard to get an idea of scale in these images and that's intentional but its looks a lot to me like that's a laspistol. I think at the left-hand edge of the image there's a trigger guard and this is meant to be a pistol based on something like a Second World War luger or the like.

So its time to cross all fingers and delude myself into believing that Guard in great coats are coming. If I'm right about the inspiration behind that design it might be Valhallans or Steel Legion, maybe even Death Korps of Krieg. What's more, Warhammer TV's Tip Of The Day used a Forge World miniature for the first time ever and it was a Death Korps trooper.

I really, really want new core plastics for Guard. The Catachan Infantry Squad has been showing its age for years and I am so damn tired of painting Cadians.

What's more, Guard are one of the easier armies to create a new infantry range for. You need three pre-defined kits: Command Squad, Infantry Squad and Heavy Weapons Squad. Beyond that all the tanks and fliers are interchangeable, you just need a couple of extra heads on the Infantry Squad sprue to add some flavour to tank commanders.

I would absolutely love to have a Steel Legion or Valhallan army. Both have such great looks to them in theory but, sadly, in practice they are ancient metal sculpts that look terrible.

(I'd actually prefer Vostroyans to all of it but even in wishlisting this deluded I have to admit that some things aren't even this likely...)

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