Wednesday 15 February 2017

Elimination Chamber 2017 (spoilers)

A cheerful and psychologically healthy individual, yesterday.

After Royal Rumble it looked like they were planning to play safe with the Wrestlemania card. Not disastrously so, Cena/Orton is a reliable match even if we have seen it approximately a hundred and fifty times before. Plus, Cena's practically indestructible and Orton is famously the safest worker in the industry so the odds of having to call things off because of sudden shoulder are low.

I went into Elimination Chamber not expecting much change on the title front. When Alexa Bliss dropped the Smackdown Women's Title to Naomi (a little too soon for my tastes) I was convinced that Cena was just going to tough out the Chamber match and emerge the champion. After all, its his sixteenth world title run, his run to equal Flair's record, there's no way he'd be dropping it this soon?

There are times when I love being wrong.

Bray Wyatt is WWE Champion! After literally years of dicking around they have finally put gold around the waist of the most over heel in the company. And not some chickenshit cowardly heel like The Miz (much as I love him) but a proper batshit crazy monster heel with ramblings promos and a cult leader gimmick. Just the visual when he was clutching the title and the lights went down, his “fireflies” in the audience holding up their phones. That moment is going to be rerun in clip packages for years to come.

This man is so amazingly over, he's deserved a title for far too long and he's going to be headlining Wrestlemania against the Legend Killer Randy Orton. That's an amazing push, especially given how badly they've dicked him around in the past.

Now, there are no Smackdown pay-per-views between now and 'Mania and Bray only has to have one title defence under the thirty day rule. I am straining to find the faith that WWE won't fuck this up.

Straining, I tell you. 

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