Saturday 4 February 2017

There's something about Roboute

In quick succession the contents of the third Triumvirate box set leaked, were confirmed by GW and now we have high quality pictures of the models.
And I just don't like Roboute Guilliman. There's a distinct lack of Roman about him, a distinct lack of... well... this:
Some characters need restraint and Guilliman is one of them. He's a grand strategist, a statesman, an emperor in his own right. Also, the plastic one has a tiny, tiny head. Okay, its not like Space Marine anatomy has ever worked if you dedicate any thought to it but that is one tiny blood head.

I just don't see him as a flaming sword kind of guy.
On the plus side, Cypher looks fantastic. The armour is baroque, the mismatched collection of weaponry sells the idea of a roaming, lone crusader. Hopefully these characters come out some day as individual boxes and blisters because I='d really like to paint this one.
As for Voldus he's a nice sculpt of a pretty standard Grey Knights character. That's not really a criticism, the Grey Knights have a very fixed aesthetic and there's really no reason to break it for this character. That said, this is a three character box set for three factions I don't play and only one blows me away.

Still, I would love that Cypher model just on his own and will be scouring the bots stores for him. 

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