Friday 3 February 2017

This Week's Comics

Unstoppable Wasp #2
This series is just so charming, its wonderful. After last issue's manifesto, Nadia Pym has started recruiting for her girl genius operation. As the cover suggests this involves fellow young lady genius superhero Moon Girl but writer Jeremy Whitley makes the smart decision not to lead with her.

Instead we meet Puerto Rican New Yorker and robotics genius Taina Miranda and her sister Alexis. Now, I like Moon Girl as much as the next guy but I think its better this series establish its own supporting cast over an attention grabbing guest star. If every member of Nadia operation offers dynamics as interesting as Taina and Alexis do then we're in for even more of a treat with this series than its already delivering. Plus, being a Puerto Rican woman with mobility issues means that just by existing Taina will be irritating to all the right people which is always a bonus.

On the subject of supporting cast, Edwin Jarvis turns up in his role as slightly grumpy surrogate father figure just as he was in All-New All-Different Avengers. Nadia is definitely a character who benefits from a straight man and they don't get much straighter than a button up butler.

Anyway, moving on to the “title fight” as it were. If nothing else Jeremy Whitley knows how to provide a study in contrasts. Nadia has a wide-eyed enthusiasm about everything whilst Lunella has a huge cynicism born of never being listened to. Whether this team-up is going to last is up in the air but I for one would like to see them bounce off each other at length based on this issue.

Old Man Logan #17
Return to the Wastelands part II
Well, this got to the point admirably fast. Shan't spoil but after a second issue of chopping back and forth between a one story of Logan fighting Brood on the International Space Station and another of him back in his home time, Jeff Lemire has the decency to tell us what's going on. Now, I like the device at this length but I'm sure after more than maybe another issue of it the whole thing would have started to try the patience.

(That having been said I could look at Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo's art all day).

And the cliffhanger does what good cliffhangers do: not provide you with a fake moment of suspense but an intriguing new piece of the puzzle to wonder about and try to fit into your understanding of the story.

Batman #16
I Am Bane part one
Tom King continues his run of being the best Batman writer in years with an amazing war council between Bruce and the extant Robins in a burger joint. Now, I love me some Nightwing being sassy and Damian being rude and aloof but, for once, I even liked Jason. I've never really clicked with the Red Hood incarnation of Jason and I think I much prefer this version, the one that can sit down civilly with the family in times of need, to the grouchy outsider I'm usually presented with.

Most of this issue is character moments, ramping up tension for when Bane makes his move. Its smart, a quieter first chapter than the other two I Am stories which goes to show that King is a good enough writer not to trap himself in a formula just because it works.

Between Catwoman in Rooftops and the Robins in this I hope that King has a long and extravagantly sprawling run on this series. 

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