Thursday 23 February 2017

My resistance to Netflix is at an end

Its time to bow to the inevitable: there is too much stuff on Netflix I want to watch. They've got that Voltron reboot by the Legend Of Korra folks; Stranger Things; Orange Is The New Black; and, it takes them forever to put their Marvel series out on DVD. The thing that finally broke me, though?

Yes, the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 revival is coming to Netflix in April. A decades later revival of a low budget comedy mocking even lower budget movies is what has inspired me to join the digital revolution and sign up for a streaming service.

That's just so me, isn't it?

(Maybe they'll finally do Night Of The Lepus this time round. Seriously, look it up, there are couple of uploads of the full movie on Youtube. Its a horror movie about giant rabbits featuring DeForest Kelley, it is both terrible and brilliant and by repute the original MST3K always had it on the docket but never got around to it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.)

I'm also looking forward to seeing what the new cast are like, mainly because I don't know their work very well. I know Patton Oswalt (playing the gloriously named TV's Son Of TV's Frank) from Agents Of S.H.I.EL.D. but new captive Jonah Ray is a complete mystery to me. Hell, I may be the only passingly heterosexual man on the internet not familiar with Felicia Day's work outside of that Buffy character she played for a few episodes.

(Although, looking at her IMDB I have discovered there's a Chew animated series coming out next year where she's voicing Amelia Mintz. Something else to look forward to...)

So, classic format, new cast, new terrible movies and this Voltron thing to tide me over until they arrive. Fun times. 

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