Saturday 11 February 2017

Ming-Na Wen holding a lightsaber

Now, here's the thing: I see this photo and I want to make all sorts of salient and socially responsible points. Points about how for all its improvement in terms of diversity the Star Wars franchise is still rather lacking in women of colour in leading roles; how this woman has been portraying a middle aged female action hero on Agents Of SHIELD for years and that's an archetype we could do with more of on the big screen; or, just plain how it would be nice to have an older woman as a Jedi now the chance to stick a lightsaber in Carrie Fisher's hands has passed us by forever.

Any of these points could make for a long and detailed blog post but I'm tired and my eyes keep drifting to her arms and suddenly coherent thought becomes impossible.

Also, I did not know she was the voice of Mulan until I looked her up on Wikipedia. Come on, Disney, metaphors don't come much more perfect than this: give Mulan a lightsaber! 

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