Monday 18 July 2016

The WWE Women's Division should not split

The WWE brand split is happening this week and, overall, I think it stands to be a positive move for the company. Oh, the two pay-per-views a month plan is all kinds of over-saturated stupid but I concede that Raw and Smackdown need to offer unique experiences to get people to watch all five hours of weekly content instead of just defaulting to Raw as the older, longer and more prestigious show (or just giving in and watching NXT, which is better, shorter and stuffed with new talent).

One thing concerns me, though: the Women's Division.

The Women's Division is not big enough to split. I wish it were. I wish we were in a position where we could have multiple women's titles split across two brands and a strong enough division with enough talent to make that much programming.
Sad thing is they aren't there yet. They're bloody closer than they've been in years. The women's matches are the best they've been since the since the heyday of Trish and Lita only with substantially more than two women about the place who can pull out those sort of performances.

But at the end of the day the new, improved and amazing Women's Divison is still built around a core of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Yes, they could bring Bayley, Asuka and Nia Jax up to main roster (Bayley especially is overdue) but I still doubt you could get two shows out of the roster.

Frankly, and it sticks in my craw to say this, the Women's Division needs to stay on one show. If they're serious about keeping them absolutely separate the best thing would be to only have women's wrestling on Raw. I feel like a complete bastard saying it because for years I've wanted more women's wrestling, but...

I just... I have waited too long for this company to take its female talent seriously to see them squander it by spreading that talent too thin. 

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