Monday, 11 July 2016

First step on the Path To Glory

Of all the Chaos Gods, Nurgle is the one that has always held a perverse fascination for me. The visuals of corruption; the cheerful, almost whimsical fatalism of the characters; and, the fantastic character models the range has always had... it all adds up to an army I've wanted to do for years.

The problem, at least in the old days, was that I could never find enough to do with the army to make it interesting. I've never found Chaos Warriors themselves all that interesting to paint and the Marauders kit has aged very badly. Given my love of rank-and-file this was a pretty insurmountable problem. Once upon a time there were the Carnival of Chaos miniatures but then Mordheim went out of production and took them with it.

Times have changed, though. There are the Putrid Blightkings, which are both fantastic models and a fantastic parts farm for conversions. There are the Avatars of War “Corrupters of the Apocalypse” range, which gives me not only great Nurglesque rank-and-file Warriors but also yet more fantastic character models. Plus, I'm pretty sure I can build the Gorebeast Chariot to be pulled by a Beast Of Nurgle, which should make a good General conversion. Not to mention a whole plastic Nurgle Daemons range that my friends are plenty happy for me to include in the army in nostalgic Hordes Of Chaos style.
Image courtesy GW webstore
My starting point, of course, is the plastic Nurgle Lord (Rotbringer Lord of Plague in the new money) the one model no miniature collection seems to be complete without. Hell, I'll practically be bucking the trend by using him in a Nurgle army! I've seen him used as the basis of gun servitors, Inquisitorial henchmen and even an Empire General. It's a beautiful miniature (in a horrid sort of way) and I look forward to painting it especially as there's lots of flesh and that's something my recent dabbling with Wood Elves have taught me I need to practice.

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Littleleadperson said...

If you want interesting minis the Realm of Chaos (early nineties/late eighties) range really are the best