Monday 1 June 2015

Entertainment to do list

Saranga had this idea a while ago, to write of all things a to do list of things to watch and read. I'm in a mood to clear the decks rather and I suppose this is as good a way as any. So what's on the slate?

Well, for one thing, I need to watch The Keys Of Marinus so I can get on with my Saturday Teatime watch through, so throw in the rest of Season One (The Aztecs, The Sensorites and The Reign Of Terror) into the bargain. Also on the Doctor Who front I've still not watched last year's series all the way through yet, I only got as far as Robot of Sherwood.

On audio I have a couple of things I picked up in Big Finish sales and on subscription to get through: four Dark Shadows plays (The Death Mask, The Voodoo Amulet, Dress Me In The Dreams and The Last Stop), the Doctor Who: The Stageplays trilogy and the first season of The Early Adventures. I'll also end up with The First Doctor Companion Chronicles volume 1 and The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield volume 2 sometime this month.

I've had a few DVDs on loan from friends for far too long: the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, the classic mini-series Tripods and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, all of which should really go back to their owners at some point.

It being one of my favourite series ever I should really watch the last two “books” of Legend of Korra.

Also in the spirit of catching up and concluding: the final episode of Sherlock series three, the final season of The Tudors, the fifth season of Game Of Thrones to date and Arrow, which I have the first two season box sets of but haven't got past episode six of the first.

I really must pick up a copy of the Mad Max trilogy and go see Fury Road (not necessarily in that order). 


Saranga said...

Hope you're more successful getting them done than I am!

James Ashelford said...

I so very much doubt it. I realised there were about five things I didn't remember to put on the list half an hour after scheduling it.

Saranga said...

Edit it with an addendum!