Monday 8 June 2015

Farewell, fair Bretonnia

Well, not really. I still love the Bretonnia concept and the miniatures and I'm absolutely reviving the army... just not using my old models. You see, I'm one of those artistic people: the ones who hate anything they did more than a few years ago with a visceral passion. I painted these models when I was twenty. I really couldn't paint that well and so I went for a “house” colour scheme every knight had the same livery. Hell, if I could actually paint then that might even have worked, I've seen some fantastic Bretonnian armies painted that way.

A thing about me is that while I can and so repaint models there comes a point where I've done it so many times to a single model that I just can't do it anymore. Its a mental block that is honestly cured by buying a new copy of the exact same model, which is both irrational and financially ill-advised.

Still, my friend Tom wants a Bretonnia army of his own and I want to get rid of this so I've been sorting it all out, deciding what little I want to keep and the rest he can have for whatever he feels is a fair price.

I'm keeping a few things: a Virtue Of Empathy Grail Lord I converted (not well, but it has sentimental value); some spare Grail and Questing Knights that I can add to my new Finecast ones to create FULL LANCE FORMATIONS BWAHAHAHA!!!; and the fifth edition Damsel On Foot, who is genuinely the best damsel model GW has ever made. The rest can go and good riddance.

I really hope Tom enjoys them. He's got some damn funny ideas about keeping the more exotic choices, like Grail Reliquaes and Questing Knights, out of his army. I shall educate him. Once my own Bretonnia army is built (I am a very slow painter and anyway my group has no problem with in-progress minis going down on the table) I'll take the field against his Empire, or even against his Bretonnians, and show him the value of going to full monty with your spread of knights.

Also, I have a Green Knight and he doesn't so we'll see how he likes getting that to the face. I've never used the Green Knight, I wonder if its still as sick as I heard it was back in the day?

We shall see.


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