Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I sort of want to watch Sailor Moon now...

A few days ago it turned out my neighbor's kid had been leeching my internet. She's eight and it turns out my wi-fi reaches her room. I discovered this because my Youtube recommendations were suddenly filled with Sailor Moon videos because she's big into Sailor Moon right now.

And I am a little curious. Anime is something I dip into every now and again and, for probably obvious reasons, I've never watched Sailor Moon but I get the idea its this huge thing in the anime world. Its the magical girl anime, admittedly the only one I know the name of but just that tells me it has huge cultural cache.

I vaguely remember being leant one of the books by a friend when I was... twelve, maybe thirteen. It didn't really grab me but back then I just couldn't read manga: I kept forgetting the right-to-left thing and the book was really low quality like a bad photocopy. All I remember is Tuxedo Mask because a) I like a good mysterious stranger story and b) such a simple but cool design.

And it would just be an interesting experience. I've dipped into a lot of the big animes, loved some (Fairy Tail, One Piece), hated others (Naruto) but all in the shounen “boys” manga vein. I've never watched a magical girl anime, everything I know about the genre comes from jokes in Megatokyo. It's a new art form to me and I actually looking forward to exploring it a little. 

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