Sunday 14 June 2015

Warhammer Fantasy "panic buy" shortlist

Whether the new Warhammer Fantasy is good or not, whether it even is Warhammer Fantasy or not, it looks like the destruction of the Warhammer World as I understood it stands. What this means is that everything is up for grabs and with Army Books having disappeared from the shelves it might be now or never for adding the finishing touches to my armies.

(And before we start on that, if you're coming here from Google whilst looking for new edition rumours and opinions just don't start. I am perfectly open to the idea this thing will be good. I know the models will be good because look who we're talking about but I love the background and don't care how generic you think it is and how this “Warmahordes” things is better and everything needs to be “innovative” in order to have value. Just don't, I am not in the mood, especially if you're going to do what I've seen happen on comment threads and imply or outright state that my reservations are a symptom of mental illness. I can handle change, I am a comics fan, I just reserve the right to have an opinion. We clear?)

Anywho, my group are determined that if this is a complete reboot divorced from the Fantasy we loved that we'll continue with what we have. None of us are particularly enamoured of playing in store or at the local gaming clubs, we've got the armies and we've got the books so we might as well do what we like. As such, the priority becomes getting a few last things in case they go.

So what to get? I have what I want for my Bretonnia, Tomb Kings and Wood Elves armies so its more a matter of getting some finishing touches for my older armies.

For my Vampire Counts: a single Cairn Wraith to finish a unit; a Terrorgheist; and, considering I want to take the army in a more Lahmian-themed direction, the End Times Neferata model and Isabella Von Carstein.

For my High Elves: a Dragon because it is simply the best model GW have ever done; a second Lothern Skycutter because those feel like something you should field in pairs, plus it'll net me a second Sea Helm to build as a Battle Standard Bearer; and a Handmaiden of the Everqueen.

For the Lizardmen: a Stegadon to make an Engine Of The Gods because having a magical tactical nuke on the back of a dinosaur is just a cool idea.

Finally, for my old Skaven army: a box of Stormvermin, which I somehow don't own any of; a Hellpit Abomination; and maybe a couple of character classes like Lord Skrolk and Deathmaster Snikch.

Lucky I got my annual bonus and first aider bonus this month, really. To be clear: I don't want to be all doom and gloom about this but preparing for the worst never hurt anyone. Maybe I'll like the new direction, maybe I won't but I don't want to be stuck with unfinished armies with no way to finish them bar paying rarity value prices on eBay. 

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