Sunday 31 May 2015

Hobby Projects: female Company Command Squad, Saurus Oldblood

Jute Loyal Company Command Squad

I've had a nice little break and its time to get back to it. For a start, now I have both the Heroic Scale Female Heads from Statuesque Miniatures and the Kilted Legs from Victoria Miniatures its high time I made some of these female Imperial Guard I've been banging on about for months. Hence:
Yes, the officer is shorter than everyone else because my snips slipped and I had to cut off the bottom of the torso. Sadly, this is the only officer torso with boob-concealing flak armour so my officer gets to be a bit on the short side. I like that, though, the image of this stocky middle-aged woman in charge of a Guard regiment. I sort of imagine her played by Miriam Margoyles or Sandy Toksvig.

I'm leaning more towards Toksvig because of the no-nonsense voice.

One Week Model Challenge
Saurus Oldblood
Yeah, my big mistake was trying to do whole units in a week so, from now on, its going to be single models. This week: the Oldblood from the Carnosaur kit, who is fantastic even if my shitty photography doesn't show him off to best effect.

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